Family Island Monetization Strategy Revealed

On Family Island and Melsoft Games

Family Island: Revenue and Downloads

First-Time User Experience (FTUE)

Game Tutorial


How Does Family Island Work?

Family Island Monetization Strategy Breakdown

Which Monetization Models Does Family Island Use?

Family Island Monetization: In-App Purchase Set-up and Strategy

  • skip building wait times;
  • buy energy and dynamite;
  • buy resources they are lacking (e.g., animal feed);
  • instantly upgrade buildings and storage.

How In-App Purchases Really Work in Family Island?

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Family Island In-Game Ads

  • in-game experience,
  • IAP spend,
  • session lengths,
  • retention.

Rewarded Video Ad Placement

User Retention in Family Island

Family Island Monetization: Recap

  • Relying on hybrid monetization (ads + IAP);
  • Rewarded video ads for engaged players;
  • Having only one purchasable currency;
  • A subtle, not too aggressive approach;
  • Restricting the players’ sessions.
  • Too many IAP offers to browse from;
  • A lack of low-priced IAP offers.

Family Island Monetization: Over to You




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Andrea Knezovic

Andrea Knezovic

Content Writer @Udonis

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