AFK Arena Analysis: The Road to More Than 1 Million Daily Active Users

About AFK Arena

Released globally in April 2019, Lilith Games’ AFK Arena is a squad role-playing game with a mix of idle RPG and turn-based RPG mechanics. It’s based around 5v5 battles that are automated and don’t require much input.

How Successful Is AFK Arena?

To find out more about AFK Arena’s performance, I’ve put together extensive data from SensorTower. I cover important KPIs like downloads, revenue, DAU, demographics, retention, and much more.

All Time AFK Arena Downloads by Country

As of now, AFK Arena has been downloaded more than 35 million times. The first major spike in downloads happened right after the release in April 2019 when they reached 3 million. The second one happened in January 2020 when the downloads went up to almost 4 million. That coincides with AFK Arena getting nominated for Google Play User’s Choice Game.

All Time AFK Arena Revenue by Country

As of now, AFK Arena earned Lilith Games more than $706 million in revenue, which is substantial.

AFK Arena Daily Active Users (DAU)

From March 2020 up until now, the daily active user count has been quite stable — between 1 and 1.5 million, which is a lot. Not many developers can say their game has this many daily active users.

AFK Arena Demographics

On Google Play, 64% of AFK Arena players are men, the remaining 36% are female, which is quite significant for a role-playing game.

  • 23% of players are younger than 25.
  • 34% are in the 25–34 age group.
  • 21% are in the 35–44 age group.
  • 22% are older than 45.
  • The average age of an AFK Arena player is 35.

User Retention

Now we’re going to look at user retention, an important engagement metric.

Session Count

Most AFK Arena players play this game once a day (38%). 11% play 2 times a day, while 12% play three times a day. There’s also a group of gamers who play between 9 and 14 times a day on average — almost 10%.

Average Session Duration

23% of users play for 3–10 minutes per average session, while 21% play for 1–3. That’s typical for most mobile games, most sessions are not longer than 10 minutes.

Time Spent

Wondering how much time people spend playing AFK Arena per day?

AFK Arena Analysis: User Acquisition Strategy

In this section of our AFK Arena analysis, you’ll learn more about this game’s user acquisition and advertising strategy.

Soft Launch

During soft launch (June 2018 — March 2019), AFK Arena acquired 1.4 million downloads and $2.6 million in revenue. The key soft launch markets were Russia (18% of soft launch downloads), Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

AFK Arena Analysis: 10 Top-Performing Creatives

In this section, I’m going to analyze the current top-performing creatives for AFK Arena.

AFK Arena Ad #1

In the ad above, we can see that the misleading content where one character battles a whole army of enemies has continued post-global launch as well.

AFK Arena Ad #2

The ad you see above is just 6 seconds long, which is unusual for a mobile game creative. It’s more like an animated banner ad. That’s very creative and interesting, as you get the best of both worlds.

AFK Arena Ad #3

This is another version of the previous concept. It shows you that you can (and should) create many variations of the same creative idea.

AFK Arena Ad #4

This ad is also all about the rewards. However, there’s a real person in this one, which is a great choice. Viewers tend to connect more to other humans. Having a charming woman explain how to use gift codes to get rewards is much more effective than simply featuring game characters.

AFK Arena Ad #5

What makes this AFK Arena ad unique is that it looks like a regular TV commercial. The people in the ad look like friends or work colleagues. A woman walks in and asks a group of guys are they playing AFK Arena too?

AFK Arena Ad #6

This short, 6-second split-screen creative has one purpose — to demonstrate idle RPG aspects of the game.

AFK Arena Ad #7

The ad above also demonstrates the idle and AFK nature of the game. This is represented as the game’s main benefit and USP, something that makes it special. The ad says, “Going AFK saves you time. You level up faster!”, as we see Brutus casually lounging in a beach chair next to the ocean.

AFK Arena Ad #8

While other creatives focus on one game feature, this one demonstrates all of them. It’s more like an app promo video or a game tutorial. The narrator explains everything players need to know about this game, including many features and benefits.

AFK Arena Ad #9

A great way to stand out from the crowd and hook people in right from the start is to draw on meme culture influences.

  • Leveling up heroes is easy in AFK Arena
  • Players who download now will get 10 free heroes (1 legendary hero is guaranteed)
  • Players can level up while being idle
  • Heroes can be reset

AFK Arena Ad #10

The last top-performing creative I wanted to include also includes actors, just like some of the previous ones I analyzed.

AFK Arena Analysis: App Store Optimization

To finish off our AFK Arena Analysis, let’s go through the main elements of this game’s app store pages. As you probably know, well-optimized app store pages increase a game’s visibility and thus aid organic user acquisition.

Game Title

AFK Arena is a cool and memorable name that references an old school internet acronym — away from keyboard. As it was mentioned before, this game allows players to level up their heroes and gain rewards while being “away from keyboard”, which makes it a fitting name.

Game Icon

AFK Arena features game characters. More specifically, Elijah & Lailah, celestial twins. According to AFK Arena Wiki, “They are intelligence-based support heroes of the celestial faction. Elijah specializes in restoring the health point of his allies, while Lailah focuses on their energy points.”


Just like the icon, AFK Arena’s images went through some changes as well. Above, you can see how different they were during the soft launch, post-launch, and October 2020.

AFK Arena Analysis: 3 Things You Can Learn From This Game

1. Demonstrate Game’s Best Features & Benefits in Ads

As we have learned from AFK Arena’s ads, in order to attract new users, developers need to advertise the game in an appealing way.

2. Make Sure the Ads Speak to Target Demographics

Another way to appeal to a certain audience is to create ads based on your audience’s gender, age, behavior, etc.

3. Include More Gameplay in Ads

Now, this is something Lilith Games rarely do for AFK Arena. However, we advise you to include at least some gameplay footage in ads.

Final Thoughts on AFK Arena

Hopefully, our AFK Arena analysis shed some light on this game and what made it so popular. Use these findings to improve the user acquisition strategy for your game.

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